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About UG

Our brand embodies the essence of everything cute and groovy. Urth's Garden was created to inspire the feminine to express her unique bold style. We encourage her to prioritize wellness, mindfulness, and self care because when we feel good on the inside we radiate on the outside.

For every ONLINE purchase we plant a tree/flower/plant/

catch us at your local farmers market - see instagram bio for details.

Our Mission

Our products are designed to embrace natureโ€™s element and meant to unleash your inner femininity. There is no one style fits all, which is why we strive to diversify our brand. Each piece was designed or hand picked by our founder to ensure the highest quality possible. Each piece is an extension of Urthโ€™s Garden; which in turn is an extension of us all, because we are all connected.



Packaged with love in Los Angeles, California.