Hamsa Hand Bracelet

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♡ The Hamsa hand is a universal sign of protection & known for uniting the good, dispelling the bad, bringing about positive energy, and protecting against negative energies.

♡ It is a symbol that is believed to bring those goodness, abundance, fertility, luck, and good health. 

♡ The eye symbol seen on some Hamsa hands is not the evil eye, but rather an eye that guards the wearer against the malevolent force of the evil eye by looking out for it. It's somewhat of an “anti-evil eye” that brings positivity while also shielding the wearer from negative energy.

♡ The Hamsa hand has various meanings throughout the many cultures and religions in which it is represented. Its most universal symbol is that of unity and protection, and in every representation, the Hamsa hand is a means of protection from evil. 

♡ Specification : Cubic zircon adjustable satinless steel bracelet.