Aloe Facial Mist

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Our Aloe Facial Mist is formulated to help soothe skin, set makeup, tighten pores, nourish skin, and give you a healthy-looking glow 

When using our Aloe Facial Most as a setting spray, one trick we’ve learned is to apply all your creme makeup products first & after you’ve applied ALL your creme products set them with our Aloe Facial Spray.

Once the setting spray has dried continue with your powder products and once you are done with all the powders... set your makeup again with our Aloe Facial Spray.

We promise this mini hack will change your life ♡

Ingredients: Aloe vera juice, Calendula extract, Distilled water, Glycerin, Liquid germal plus, Lavender Hydrosol, Propanediol 1,3, Panthenol.